About Us


Pomeroy Grain Growers, Inc.
PO Box 220
Pomeroy, WA  99347 

Main Office 509/843-1694
Toll Free 877/291-4660
Fax 509/843-1695

Central Ferry 509/843-3851

Colfax Grain Office 509/397-9240
Toll Free 800-424-5056

Agronomy Plant 509/843-1394



The Pomeroy Grain Growers Inc. was organized and incorportated on March 4th, 1930
under the Agricultural Marketing Act passed by Congress and the Hoover Administration. There were 120 original stockholders holding 660 shares of stock, who paid in 10% of their stock to start the company. Our cooperative is owned by the member farmers (producers) and was established to help local farmers get their grain crops to market and have creditability as a reliable source of high quality wheat and barley to ship to Portland for export. The Company still has two counry elevators in use, Pomeroy and Zumwalt, but Central Ferry elevator on the Snake River is our main outlet and receives over 80% of the grain from the fields. We buy grain from the north side of the Snake River through our Colfax office, which was established in 1993. In 1979, Pomeroy Grain Growers purchased Pacific Supply's agronomy business and equipment and started the Farm Supply division. The Company provides fertilizer and chemicals to farmers for their crop needs, and provides many serivce levels from cash and carry to full service.  The Company also provides custom farm services, owning a tractor and drill and some minimum till equipment. The Company entered the seed business in 2005, erecting 8 seed bins and a belt conveyor system designed to treat seed on demand. 
The management structure of the Company is comprised of a Board of Directors including a President, Vice President, Secretary, and two more board members.  These five board members direct the policies of the company through the General Manager and Division Managers.