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A Note From the Agronomist

The agronomy plant is improving our technology base by leasing a 2008 Apache available this spring. This self-propelled sprayer has a 100' boom that can easily be converted to a 60' boom with the push of a button. It has a 1200 gallon stainless steel tank, auto boom, gps and 275 horsepower to name a few of it's attributes. This sprayer will be available for spring spraying and, God forbid we have another rust outbreak, it will be available then too. Please contact us for rates and to get signed up on the list to be sprayed.  

As always, if you would like to keep up on the stripe rust updates within the area, please go to:

Grain Information

2010 Variety Testing results have been released. These results can be found at: //  If you have any questions on any of these varieties, please feel free to call the office. As usual, we will try and accommodate all requests for seed.

RoundUp Ready Alfalfa NOW AVAILABLE!!!

Based on the decision of the USDA on January 27, 2011, RoundUp Ready Alfalfa seed in now available for sale. Please contact us on varieties and pricing.